Planning Overview

Planning Overview

Lassen Community College is committed to integrated planning and budget development processes informed through program review structured around the assessment of student learning.
The planning process involves both top-down and bottom-up components. With input from the campus Consultation Council, the Governing Board annually adopts the Strategic Plan including the vision, mission and value statements in addition to institutional strategic goals in late summer to early fall. The Strategic Plan provides the overarching guidance to institutional planning and budget development. 

Instructional program (IPR) and non-instructional program reviews (NIPR) provide the foundation for the annual institutional planning and budget development processes begun each fall. Vocational instructional programs reviewed every two years and academic instructional and non-instructional programs reviewed every four years are encouraged to submit annual updates. The instructional and non-instructional program reviews provide the unit level planning documents for Lassen Community College.

The program goals and objectives as well as recommendations for program improvement and budget allocation requests developed during the review process integrate into the various planning sections of the Comprehensive Institutional Master Plan (Educational Master Plan and Academic Staffing Plan, Student Services Master Plan, Institutional Technology Plan,  Facilities Master Plan, and Human Resource Master Plan with the Professional Development Plan). 

The culmination of the institutional planning and budget development process is the Governing Board acceptance of the five-year Comprehensive Institutional Master Plan (CIMP) and tentative budget each June.

Planning Committees

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