Residence Hall

Victor St. Marie Residence Hall

The college residence hall provides on-campus housing for men and women. The facility features a television lounge, a recreation room, laundry room, and cable service.

Most rooms accommodate two students; however, there are also some four-person rooms. On occasion, and in order to accommodate student needs, there may be situations where a third person is placed in a two-person room. This is only done on a temporary basis and discounts are given to these residents. Students may be able to contract with the college for alternative off-campus housing if there is sufficient need.

A common bathroom joins the suites for the four students. The room is furnished with a desk, chair, standard size twin bed, which can be converted to a bunk bed, drawers, bookshelf, closet, sink and vanity area. Students are not to bring their own furniture, as no storage is available. The rooms are controlled individually for heat. Telephone service is available if the student elects service. No linens are provided. Students will also need to bring a good study lamp, trash can and personal items to decorate their room.

The Dean of Student Services is responsible for the residence hall program. The residence hall is staffed with supervisors. The guidelines for living in the Lassen Community College Residence Hall have been established to protect the health, safety, and social welfare of all community members, to provide a climate conducive to study, to discourage dishonesty, vandalism and personal abuse, and to avoid infringement of the rights of others. Each resident is responsible for his or her actions and each is entitled to a safe, secure, and mature atmosphere in which to reside and to pursue his or her educational objectives.
All information concerning rates and food service are included in the residence hall application, which can be obtained by writing to Lassen Community College, P. O. Box 3000, Susanville, CA 96130 or email at

Resident Hall Usage for Potential Students:

Potential Lassen College students may stay in the residence hall while visiting the campus if all of the following requirements are satisfied:

  1. The residence hall must have available room(s).
  2. This will be a one time, two night stay, for prospective students only.
  3. The prospective student will not be charged for the stay.
  4. The residence must be occupied by a sufficient number of Resident Advisors for the time the prospective student wishes to stay.
  5. The prospective student must be visiting from a distance of 75 miles or more.
  6. If the prospective student is under-aged (under 18) he/she must be accompanied by a chaperone for the entirety of the stay.
  7. The prospective student and chaperone (approved by the Residence Hall Director) will observe the same rules and regulations as outlined by the Residence Hall Handbook.
  8. All check-in, check-out, and key return procedures will be the same for all students.

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