LCC Overview


Lassen College will be a highly efficient self-sustaining rural community college, a catalyst for the region’s image, economy, and human capital, and an example of a “we can” culture of collective impact by being:

  • The Academic Leader by ensuring quality instruction and encouraging student success
  • The Educational Leader by expanding outreach and student access with an equity mindset
  • A Trusted Steward by providing capable leadership and accountability
  • The Economic and Workforce Development Leader for the community
  • The Cultural Leader in the community
  • The Civic and Social Leader in the community


Lassen Community College provides educational programs for all pursuing higher education goals. The core programs offer a wide range of educational opportunities including transfer degrees and certificates, economic and workforce development, and basic skills instruction. The College serves diverse students, both on campus and in outreach areas in its effort to build intellectual growth, human perspective and economic potential.

Learn About Our History

The forerunner of Lassen Community College began on May 4th, 1925, when the Junior College Department of the Lassen Union High School District was established and began conducting classes on the Lassen High School campus.

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