Department of Institutional Effectiveness

Department of Institutional Effectiveness

The mission of the Department of Institutional Effectiveness is to continuously build and support a culture of evidence through the provision of institutional research studies, effectiveness enhancing methodologies and innovative strategic planning approaches to increase institutional and student performance.


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Administrative Unit Outcomes

AUO1: Provide adequate decision-support research is made available to facilitate the college’s planning process associated with accreditation, benchmarking and institutional effectiveness activities.

AUO2: Provide adequate support for research, effectiveness and planning activities to be carried out by other offices, committees and departments on campus.

AUO3: Ensure that campus reports are available to assist in predicting organizational needs, student success, retention and persistence rates and efficient use of institutional resources.

AUO4: Maintain compliance of institutional reporting in response to questionnaires and both routine and non-routine requests for information from state, federal, and other external agencies.

Institutional Effectiveness encompasses the continuous improvement process which has been adopted throughout all facets of Lassen Community College. This strategy affirms the mission, vision and strategic goals of Lassen Community College.

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