Institutional Technology Planning Committee

Institutional Technology Planning Committee


  • Study, review, advise and recommend regulations and procedures  relating to institutional technology
  • Identify, prioritize, and review technology needs with regard to network infra structure, staffing, funding, and equipment capacities.
  • Develop a college-wide technology plan, including deployment of technology equipment and coordination of services with Information Technology department
  • Assist and support college planning process through contributions to the Strategic Master Plan
  • Review and revise the committee charge to meet changing needs over time
  • Commitment to data informed decisions to ensure inclusiveness and equity

Committee Structure:

  •  3 administrators (Chief Business Officer, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Chief Student Services Officer)
  • 3 faculty representatives (two teaching faculty members) appointed by the Academic Senate
  • 3 confidential/management representatives appointed by the management group (Director of Information Technology)
  • 2 classified representatives appointed by CSEA (recommended from the IT support staff).
  • 1 student representative. ASB will have the first opportunity to select a representative, but if not available, faculty or staff may recommend a student representative to the chair(s) for approval.
  • Quorum:
    • A quorum, consisting of one member from each of three of the five constituencies (administration, classified, faculty, management, student), shall be required to conduct business.
  • Chair:
    Elected by the committee at the first meeting in the fall semester.

As of November 2018 Institutional Technology Planning Committee minutes are available through BoardDocs.

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