EEO Plan

EEO Plan

​The Lassen Community College District Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (Plan) was adopted by the Governing Board on September 13, 2016. The Plan reflects the District’s commitment to equal employment opportunity. It is the District’s belief that taking active and vigorous steps to ensure equal employment opportunity and creating a working and academic environment that is welcoming to all, will foster diversity, promote excellence, and provide a positive student learning experience.

Through an inclusive educational environment, our students will be better prepared to work and live in an increasingly global society. The Plan’s immediate focus is equal employment opportunity in its recruitment and hiring policies and practices pursuant to applicable Title 5 Regulations (Sections 53000 et seq.) and the steps the District shall take to make progress in achieving a diverse workforce. The Plan contains an analysis of whether under-representation of monitored groups exists. It includes methods to support equal employment opportunity and an environment which is welcoming to all, and procedures for dissemination of the Plan.

The Plan also includes the requirements for a complaint procedure for noncompliance with the Title 5 provisions relating to equal employment opportunity programs and complaint procedures in instances of unlawful discrimination. To properly serve a growing diverse population and to promote a positive student learning environment, the District will endeavor to hire and retain faculty and staff who are sensitive to, and knowledgeable of, the needs of the continually changing student body it serves.

To review the entire Equal Employment Opportunity Plan, please click the following link:

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