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Banner and LCC To Expand Nursing Program Relationship

Banner presents check to LCC Nursing programBanner Lassen Medical Center CEO Sandy Dugger announced an expanded relationship with Lassen Community College’s nursing program at a brief ceremony held at the college Tuesday morning. Surrounded by a small group of college and hospital foundation board members, Dugger presented the college with a check for $15,000, the first of five installments to be contributed to the nursing program over the next five years.

The funding will support student success through scholarships, program technology advancements, such as the addition of the community’s first ever virtual reality simulation lab where students will have the opportunity to learn in high stakes, low risk scenarios.

Over the next five years funding will also support growth of LCC’s health science programs

“We are really excited about embarking on this journey with Lassen Community College,” said Dugger, who also proudly announced that the education center will now be named Banner Health Nursing and Education Center”

Dugger said that nursing professionals are in great demand and Banner is investing in the future of our community by investing in LCC.

LCC Nursing Director Christi Myers and the college’s Dean of Instruction Roxanna Haynes accepted the check on behalf of the college.

“It’s clear that Banner Lassen is with us and they have been since the beginning,” said LCC President Trevor Albertson. “This will make a huge difference in what we do, and what we do makes a huge difference in this community.”

LCC Nursing Director Christi Myers explained that the growing partnership will support student success and opportunities in local health science programs at Lassen and will also support further program development.

“Both LCC and Banner Lassen recognize our local need for extraordinary health care providers in many disciplines and are dedicated to ensuring that local training opportunities are available right here at home,” said Myers.

“The generous donation will be distributed in a variety of ways, the first being in support of student entry and success in health science programs through student scholarships. Five scholarships will be offered each year to students seeking an education in a health care field here at LCC. Student scholarship applications will become available on Sunday, May 9th, in celebration of National Hospital Week.”

National Hospital Week is observed May 9th through May 15th this year, honoring our hospitals, health system and healthcare workers across the nation.

In addition to student support through scholarships, the Banner Health Nursing and Education Center will soon be introducing the county’s first ever virtual reality simulation lab where students will have the opportunity to navigate high-stakes patient care scenarios in a low-risk atmosphere.

The support Banner Lassen has offered LCC does not end with funding. According to Myers, Banner has generously opened the door to opportunities for clinical subject matter experts to be made available to support high level student teaching.

“Banner Lassen has been one of our biggest cheerleaders and supporters for years. Our students regularly rotate through clinical rotations at Banner where they have the opportunity to learn alongside a dynamic healthcare staff that is passionate about the health and wellness of our community.”