Transfer Degrees

Transfer Degrees

TRANSFER DEGREES are 2-year associate degrees designed for transfer because they include the GENERAL EDUCATION requirements for California State 4-year colleges and universities. If you plan to transfer to a 4-year school to earn a bachelor’s degree, it is recommended that you choose a TRANSFER DEGREE.

All transfer degrees require completion of at least 60 transferrable semester units. In general, transferrable courses at Lassen College are those numbered 1-49.  However, there are exceptions and not all courses are transferrable to all UC campuses, out-of-state or private colleges.  Please speak to your counselor or the Transfer Center to determine course transferability.

EDUCATION PLAN – Completion of a comprehensive Education Plan in your second semester will keep you on track, and help determine additional major prep coursework which can be completed before you transfer.

University Studies Degrees and Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T & AS-T)

We have two types of transfer degrees – University Studies Degrees and Associate Degrees for Transfer (either AA-T or AS-T). While both transfer to 4-year schools, the AA-T or AS-T is called “A Degree with a Guarantee” because completion of one of these degrees guarantees you admission to a campus within the CSU (California State University) System, if completing a bachelors degree in the same major.

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  • A.S. Administration of Justice for Transfer
  • A.S. Agriculture Animal Science for Transfer
  • A.S. Agriculture Business for Transfer
  • A.A. University Studies: Emphasis in Agriculture Sciences
  • A.A. University Studies: Emphasis in Allied Health
  • A.S. Anthropology for Transfer
  • A.A. Art History for Transfer
  • A.S. Biology for Transfer
  • A.S. Business Administration for Transfer
  • A.A. Early Childhood Education for Transfer
  • A.A. Economics for Transfer
  • A.A. English for Transfer
  • A.A. Geology for Transfer
  • A.A. History for Transfer
  • A.A. University Studies: Emphasis in Humanities
  • A.A. Kinesiology for Transfer
  • A.A. University Studies: Emphasis in Natural Sciences
  • A.S. Nutrition & Dietetics for Transfer
  • A.S. University Studies: Emphasis in Physical Education
  • A.A. Psychology for Transfer
  • A.A. University Studies: Emphasis in Social Sciences
  • A.A. Sociology for Transfer
  • A.A. Studio Art for Transfer

If you plan to transfer, and want to be sure you are currently working toward a TRANSFER DEGREE, please stop by the Counseling Office and meet with your counselor.


CSU – California State University

The CSU System in comprised of 23 campuses and includes Sacramento State, Chico State, Humboldt State, CSU Long Beach and 19 more.

UC – University of California

 The UC System is made up of 10 campuses including UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UCLA and 7 others.

Out-of-State or Private Colleges

Our transfer degrees are also accepted at many out-of-state and private schools, but because requirements can vary, please talk to your counselor or the Transfer Center about these options.

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