College, Career & Transfer Fair

College, Career & Transfer Fair

Our College, Career & Transfer Fair is an annual event hosted by the Transfer Center. Lassen College is host to over 25 college representatives from various CSU, UC, California private colleges and out-of-state universities/colleges. The College Day event will be held in the FALL SEMESTER each year in the SPORTS COMPLEX. During College Day, university representatives make themselves available to Lassen’s students, faculty, staff and the general public. Student are encouraged to prepare transfer and/or university questions to ask the representatives.

The following are some example questions:

  • What are your admission requirements for transfer students at the junior level?
  • Do you accept lower division transfer students?
  • How much is your annual tuition?
  • Is financial aid available?
  • What is the average financial aid award?
  • Do you have my major?
  • Is my major impacted?
  • If my major is impacted, what special requirements do I need to complete?
  • If I am not accepted in my major, what are my options?

Please join us for College Day and be sure to visit the Transfer Center for any transfer related question!


Due to Covid, our in-person College, Career & Transfer Fair will not be happening. The CSUs, UCs and private colleges will be providing virtual events October 2-14, 2021. Contact the Transfer Center for details.

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Office phone:  530.251.8849

Office Location: Student Services Building – within the Counseling Office

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