Career Assessment FAQ

​Q: What features are on the Career Assessment?
A: The Career Interest Survey is an online, computerized, multiple choice assessment, to help identify careers which would be best for you

Q: When can I take the test?
A: Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00AM to Noon and 1:00pm to 4:00PM. There is no appointment necessary.  Come to the Career and Transfer Center or call 530.251.8833 for more information

Q: What should I bring to the test?
A: You don’t need to bring anything special.

Q: Where do I go to take the Career Assessment?
A: At the Career and Transfer Center: VT-119 in the Student Services Building.

Q: How long does the Career Assessment take?
A: This is a self-paced assessment, the average time is approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

Q: When will I get my survey results?
A: Immediately – at the conclusion of the test.    

Q: What do I do after I get my results?
A: Meet with an Academic Counselor. Counselors are available for walk-in visits 8:00am-4:00pm Mon-Fri

Q: What if I need special accommodations?
A: Notify the test administrator/proctor when you come in.  

Q: May I repeat the assessment?
A: Yes, you may repeat it.

Q: What if I don’t think the results are accurate?
A: Discuss with the test administrator and/or counselor.

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