Total Units for the Certificate of Achievement: 15 Units
Required Core Courses: 15 Units

Course Number Course Title Total Units
ENGL-1  ENGL-1 College Composition3
*or CSU A2 or IGETC 1A
ENGL-9 ENGL-9 Critical Thinking and Composition3
*or CSU A3 or IGETC 1B
SPCH 1  SPCH 1 Public Speaking3
*or CSU A1 or IGETC 1C
ES-1  ES-1 Introduction to Ethnic Studies3
*or CSU For IGETC 7
Students must complete three units from the following:
MATH-6  MATH-6 Finite Mathematics3
MATH 7  MATH-7 Trigonometry3
MATH-8  MATH-8 Advanced Algebra3
MATH-11A  MATH-11A Concepts of Elementary School Mathematics I3
MATH-11B  MATH-11B Concepts of Elementary School Mathematics II3
MATH-40  MATH-40 Elementary Statistics3
*or CSU B4 or IGETC 2

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the Certificate of Achievement General Education Preparation the student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate analytical and critical thinking skills through the production of written or oral critical responses to texts.
2. Demonstrate, in a clear and concise manner, how to apply mathematical concepts, principles and methods to solve problems.
3. Evaluate and critically analyze social justice efforts/practices that address inequalities in communities and environments.