Total units for the Certificate of Achievement: 59 Units

Course Number Course Title Total Units
GS 50  GS 50 Gunsmith Machining - Basic5
GS 51  GS 51 Gunsmith Machining - Advanced5
GS 54  GS 54 General Gunsmithing - Basic3
GS 55  GS 55 General Gunsmithing - Advanced2
GS 57  GS 57 Metal Preparation and Bluing2
GS 58  GS 58 Metal Finishing2
GS 59  GS 59 Understanding Headspace and Handloading2
GS 60  GS 60 Design, Function and Repair Bolt Action Rifles3
GS-69 GS-69 Design, Function and Repair of Auto Pistols4
GS 70  GS 70 Stockmaking3
GS 61  GS 61 Design, Function and Repair of Rifles4
GS 62  GS 62 Design, Function and Repair of Rimfire Rifles4
GS 63  GS 63 Design, Function and Repair of Shotguns4
GS 64 GS 64 Design, Function and Repair of Double Guns4
GS 68 GS 68 Design, Function and Repair of Revolvers4
GS 75  GS 75 Gunshop Laws and Business Practices2
WT-31 WT-31 - GTAW For Gunsmiths3
WT-32  WT-32 Advanced GTAW for Gunsmiths3

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the Associate in Science Degree or the Certificate of Achievement in Firearms Repair, the student will be able to:
1. Diagnose a specific firearm malfunction, execute the appropriate corrective step and verify the problem has been resolved.
2. Perform firearms repair and maintenance procedures on the large variety of firearms common to a retail gunsmithing operation and to do them legally under state and federal law.