Total Units for the Certificate of Achievement: Engine Repair: 17 Units
Required Core Courses: 17 Units

Program​ Cost

Course Number Course Title Total Units
AT-50  AT-50 Car Care Basics3
AT-58  AT-58 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning3
AT-60  AT-60 Shop Management and Service Writer2
AT-70  AT-70 General Automotive Lab2
AT-72 AT-72 Engine Repair and Machining-Short Block4
AT-74 AT-74 Engine Repair and Machining-Cylinder Heads3
AT-80  AT-80 Basic Electrical3

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the Certificate of Achievement – Engine Repair the student will be able to:
1 Diagnose various automotive engine system malfunctions: execute the appropriate corrective steps and verify the problem has been resolved.
2 Perform automotive preventative maintenance according to industry standards.
3 Perform standard documentation found on automotive repair orders.