Total units for the Certificate: 19.5 Units
Required Core Courses: 19.5 Units

Course Number Course Title Total Units
FS 5 FS 5 Fire Orientation and Organization3
FS-8 FS 8 Wildland Fire Suppression2
FS 20  FS 20 First Aid and CPR for Public Safety Employees1.5
FS 51 FS 51 Introduction to Fire Technology Careers1
FS 60C  FS 60C Cal Fire Module 1C Wildland Firefighter3
FS 61 FS 61 Basic Firefighter Training (Basic 32)2
FS 72 FS 72 HazMat First Responder Operations1
FS 74 FS 74 Fire in the Interface (S-215)1
FS-85  FS 85 Understanding Maps, Compass & GPS0.5
FS-89 FS 89- Wildland Fire Chainsaws (S-212)1
FS-90  FS 90 Portable Pumps and Water Use (S-211)1
FS 98.21  FS 98.21 Volunteer Firefighter Academy2.5

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the Certificate of Achievement Basic Wildland Firefighter, the student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate basic knowledge of fire physics and behavior.
2. Understand and demonstrate the physical requirements to become a wildland firefighter.
3. Understand the basic skills needed to respond to all risks in emergency incidents
4. Perform the basic duties of an entry level firefighter such as line construction, safe and proper use of fire line hand tools including chain saws, safe and proper use of pumps, first aid/CPR, recognizing and dealing with hazardous situations involving hazardous materials, ability to complete an application for employment, fire line safety, radio operation.