Total Units for the Certificate of Achievement Agriculture Science and Technology: 24-25 Units
Required Core Courses: 24-25 Units

Program​ Cost

Course Number Course Title Total Units
AGR-1  AGR-1 Agricultural Accounting | OR3
AGR-3 AGR-3 Introduction to Agriculture Business3
AGR-2  AGR-2 Agricultural Economics | OR3
AGR-4  AGR-4 Agricultural Sales and Communication3
AGR-9 AGR-9 Food Animal Selection | OR3
AGR-8  AGR-8 Introduction to Animal Production3
AGR-10 AGR-10 Introduction to Animal Science3
AGR-11 AGR-11 Beef Cattle Production | OR3
AGR-14  AGR-14 Equine Science3
AGR-13  AGR-13 Feeds and Feeding | OR3
AGR-19 AGR-19 Introduction to Soil Science3
AGR 20  AGR-20 Introduction to Plant Science4
AGR-12  AGR-12 Animal Health and Disease3
AGR-40  AGR-40 Basic Agricultural Mechanics3

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the Associate in Science Degree or the Certificate of Achievement in Agricultural Science and Technology the student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate effective animal husbandry skills, analyze the current market in order to sell the crop or animal at a premium and
report the profit or loss, in a ranching situation.
2. Apply effective business, sales and marketing skills when presented with an agribusiness situation.
3. Manage crop land with modern equipment to improve or increase soil productivity.