Total units for the Associate in Science Degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.0: 60 units
Required Core Courses minimum grade 2.0: 25 Units

Course Number Course Title Total Units
CD-11  CD-11 Observation and Assessment3
CD-12  CD-12 Child, Family and Community3
CD-16  CD-16 Introduction to Curriculum3
CD-19  CD-19 Children’s Nutrition, Health and Safety3
CD-20  CD-20 Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children3
CD-24  CD-24 Practicum4
CD-25  CD-25 Teaching in a Diverse Society3
CD/PSY-31  CD/PSY-31 Child Development: Conception through Adolescence3

Completion of either the CSU General Education or
IGETC Option
Remaining Units to total 60 Units may be selected from
courses numbered 1-49

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the Associate in Science Degree in Early Childhood Education for Transfer, students will be able to:
4. Integrate understanding of the needs, the characteristics and multiple influences on development of children birth to age eight as related to high quality care and education of young children.
5. Design, implement and evaluate environments and activities that support positive, developmental play and learning outcomes for all young children.
6. Apply effective guidance and interaction strategies that support all children’s social learning, identity, and self-confidence.
7. Develop strategies that promote partnerships between programs, teachers, families and their communities.
8. Demonstrate ethical standards and professional behaviors that deepen understanding, knowledge and commitment to the EC/CD profession.