Total units for the Associate in Science Degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.0: 60 units
Required Core Courses minimum grade 2.0: 24 Units
Complete the following 21 units:

Course Number Course Title Total Units
BUS-1A  BUS-1A Accounting Principles - Financial3
BUS-1B  BUS-1B Accounting Principles - Managerial3
BUS-22  BUS-22 Business Law3
ECON-10  ECON-10 Macro-Economics3
ECON-11  ECON-11 Micro-Economics3
MATH-40  MATH-40 Elementary Statistics3
MATH-6  MATH-6 Finite Mathematics3
Select 3 additional units from the following:
BUS-2  BUS-2 Introduction to Business3
BUS-27  BUS-27 Business Communications3

Completion of either the CSU General Education or IGETC Option
Remaining Units to total 60 Units may be selected from
courses numbered 1-49

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the Associate in Science in Business Administration for Transfer, the student will be able to:
1. Describe and provide current examples of the impact of external forces on business operations and practices including: Social forces (Demographics and cultural shifts) Economic forces (income distribution, macroeconomic conditions) Technological forces (Internet, digital media, e-marketing) Competition (ability of small businesses to compete across borders) Regulatory forces (laws influencing companies and consumers).
2. Apply business concepts to marketing, management, finance, accounting, and information technology.
3. Demonstrate knowledge of laws effecting working relationships with individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds.