Total Units for the Associate in Science Degree: 60 units
Required Core Courses: 31 Units

Course Number Course Title Total Units
AGR-1  AGR-1 Agricultural Accounting | OR3
AGR-3 AGR-3 Introduction to Agriculture Business3
AGR-2  AGR-2 Agricultural Economics3
AGR-9 AGR-9 Food Animal Selection3
AGR-10 AGR-10 Introduction to Animal Science3
AGR-11 AGR-11 Beef Cattle Production3
AGR-13  AGR-13 Feeds and Feeding3
AGR-14  AGR-14 Equine Science3
AGR-19 AGR-19 Introduction to Soil Science3
AGR 20  AGR-20 Introduction to Plant Science4
AGR-40  AGR-40 Basic Agricultural Mechanics3
Required Electives: 6 Units
The student may select 6 units from any of the following
AGR-3 AGR-3 Introduction to Agriculture Business3
AGR-8  AGR-8 Introduction to Animal Production3
AGR-12  AGR-12 Animal Health and Disease3
AGR 31  AGR-31 Bovine Embryo Transfer3
AGR-41  AGR-41 Farm Tractors and Farm Power3
AGR-61  AGR-61 Introduction to Bovine Reproduction1.5

Electives: 5 Units (The student may select from any courses
numbered 1 – 99 to satisfy this requirement.)
General Education Requirements: 18 Units