Total Units for the Associate in Arts Degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.0: 60 Units
Total Core Courses minimum grade 2.0: 28 Units
Select 22 units from the following:

Course Number Course Title Total Units
HUS-10 HUS-10 Introduction to Social Work and Human Services3
HUS 42  HUS-42 Field Experience in Social Work and Human Services2
HUS-43  HUS-43 Social Work and Human Services Seminar1
SOC 1  SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology3
PSY-1  PSY-1 Introduction to Psychology3
MATH-40  MATH-40 Elementary Statistics3
BIOL-25  BIOL-25 Human Anatomy and Physiology I | OR4
BIOL-26  BIOL-26 Human Anatomy and Physiology II | OR4
BIOL 21  BIOL 21 Human Anatomy with Lab | OR4
BIOL-22 BIOL-22 Human Physiology with Lab4
ECON-10  ECON-10 Macro-Economics3
ECON-11  ECON-11 Micro-Economics3
Required Electives: 6 units
AJ-12 AJ-12 Introduction to Criminal Justice3
ANTH-2 ANTH-2 Cultural Anthropology3
CD/PSY-31  CD/PSY-31 Child Development: Conception through Adolescence3
CD-12  CD-12 Child, Family and Community3
ENGL-9 ENGL-9 Critical Thinking and Composition3
HIST-16 HIST-16 U.S. History3
HIST 17  HIST-17 Post Civil War - U. S. History3
PSY-6  PSY-6 Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 18  PSY-18 Life Span Development3
SOC-2  SOC-2 Social Problems3

Completion of either the CSU General Education or
IGETC Option
Remaining Units to total 60 Units may be selected from
courses numbered 1-49

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the Associate in Arts Degree in Social Work and Human Services for Transfer, the student will be able to:
1. Discuss the values, ethical standards and principles of social work and human services.
2. Analyze, formulate and influence social policies within the fields of social work and human services
3. View client as a whole person in the context of family, culture, and community in assessing the clients’ strengths and needs.
4. Demonstrate a working knowledge of public and private entities that deliver human services, locally and statewide.
5. Critically analyze societal factors that create and contribute to social service needs. Be prepared for CA State University transfer in the majors of Social Work or Human Services.