Total Units for the Associate in Arts Degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.0: 60 Units
Required Core Courses minimum grade 2.0: 18 Units
Required Core: 9 Units

Course Number Course Title Total Units
MATH-40  MATH-40 Elementary Statistics3
PSY-1  PSY-1 Introduction to Psychology3
PSY 5  PSY-5 Introduction to Research Methods3
Complete one of the following 3 units
BIOL-32  BIOL-32 General Biology3
Complete 6 units from the following:
PSY-6  PSY-6 Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 18  PSY-18 Life Span Development3
CD/PSY-31  CD/PSY-31 Child Development: Conception through Adolescence3
PSY-33  PSY-33 Psychology of Personal and Social Adjustment3

Completion of either the CSU General Education or IGETC Option
Remaining Units to total 60 Units may be selected from courses numbered 1-49

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the Associate in Arts Degree in Psychology for Transfer student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate comprehension of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical and contemporary trends in psychology.
2. Demonstrate comprehension of scientifically-based research methods in psychology.
3. Use logic and empirical evidence to evaluate claims made about behavior.