Total Units for the Associate in Arts Degree: 60 Units
Total Core Units: 27 units

Course Number Course Title Total Units
Required Core Courses: 18 Units
AJ 9  AJ-9 Introduction to Correctional Science3
AJ-12 AJ-12 Introduction to Criminal Justice3
AJ-14 AJ-14 Juvenile Procedures3
AJ-20  AJ-20 Criminal Law3
AJ-23  AJ-23 Criminal Evidence3
AJ-24  AJ-24 Community Relations3
Required Electives: 9 Units
AJ-5  AJ-5 Introduction to Forensics3
AJ-8 AJ-8 Criminal Court Process3
AJ-10  AJ-10 Criminology3
AJ-11 AJ 11-Youth Gangs in America3
AJ-16 AJ 16 Supervision in Law Enforcement3
AJ-35  AJ-35 Investigative Techniques3
AJ-49  AJ-49 Administration of Justice Work Experience1 - 8
AJ-52A PC832  AJ-52A PC832 Arrest Methods and Procedures2.5
AJ-52B PC832  AJ-52B PC832 Firearms1
AJ-53 AJ-53 Basic Force and Weaponry2
AJ-60  AJ-60 Adult Correctional Officer Core Course9.5
AJ-61  AJ-61 Juvenile Corrections Officer Core Course9
AJ-62  AJ-62 Probation Officer Core Course10

Electives: 15 Units (The student may select from any courses
numbered 1-99 to satisfy this requirement.)
General Education Requirements: 18 Units