History of Lassen Community College

History of Lassen Community College

​​The forerunner of Lassen Community College began on May 4th, 1925, when the Junior College Department of the Lassen Union High School District was established and began conducting classes on the Lassen High School campus.​

A separate facility was created in 1941 and in 1947, because of increasing enrollment, a new building was constructed adjacent to the high school.

The modern era of Lassen Community College began in March 1965 with the establishment of the Lassen Community College District and the separation from the ​high school district. 

A separate Board of Trustees was elected and planning began for a new campus. That campus, located just north of Susanville on Highway 139, today consists of 165 acres and 39 buildings. It began operations in September 1971.

In addition to classrooms, laboratories, and offices, it has a dormitory with a capacity of 108, a library, student union, computer rooms, a large gymnasium and outdoor recreation facilities.​

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