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​​​​​​​​​Established in 1945, Lassen Community College Gunsmithing is the oldest gunsmithing school in the United States. We offer Associate in Science Degrees in Firearms Repair and General Gunsmithing, as well as Certificates of Completion for Pistolsmith, Riflesmith, Long Guns, and Gunsmith Machinist and Metal Finishing.​

Degree programs and Certificate programs are designed to be realistic and comprehensive, spanning the wide spectrum of skills needed to compete in the modern job market.​​


  1. Applications will be accepted starting on:                                                                                                                           October 1, 2018 at 9:00 am PST until January 1, 2019 at 11:59 pm PST.


  2. Fill out the Gunsmithing program waitlist form completely. Incompl​ete forms will not be accepted.​​​

  3. Each email is time stamped as they are received and that time stamp determines each persons’ number on the waitlist. Early forms will not be accep​ted.​​

  4. After submitting your complete Gunsmithing waitlist form you will be directed to a confirmation page.​​

  5. The waitlist is managed through Admissions and Records.  The Gunsmith Waitlist Manager will send each person their number on the waitlist, by email, in a reasonable amount of time.​​

  6. Thank you for choosing Lassen Community College!​


​​​As an NRA affiliated Gunsmithing school, we also offer one and two week NRA Short Term Gunsmithing Courses during the Summer. Courses are offered in Basic Machine Shop, Barreling, specific firearms platforms, Law Enforcement Armorers Schools, engraving, Knife making, and metal finishes.

Whether your interests are as a career path or for personal enrichment, we invite you to join us for these enjoyable and informative classes.​​

*Students are responsible for providing firearms and tools needed for their coursework.

Information for Lassen College NRA Summer Courses

2019 Summer Course schedule 

**Check back January 2019


​Gunsmithing Program Links:​​

Gunsmithing Progam Information​

Gunsmithing Program Required Guns ​

Gunsmithing Program Required Tools

Gunsmithing Program Tool purchasing guide

NRA Summer Courses Tool and Firearm list​

NRA/Gunsmithing and POST Coordinator

Carol Growdon
530-257-6181 Ext. 8910


Office Phone: 530.251.8800​
Office Location: Vocational Tech Building​​