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​The English program at LCC offers instruction in basic skills, transfer, and major preperation.

Basic Skills

Developmental English at Lassen College is structured to strengthen student reading, writing, and student success skills.


Whether focusing on film analysis, creative writing composition, program literature, or public speaking, the English department offers a  variety of general education courses.

The Associate in Arts Degree in English for Transfer is designed to provide students with a strong foundation for the study of literature and composition in order to transfer to a California State University. It is an excellent starting point for students interested in pursuing a baccalaureate degree in English. The core course work is designed to provide undergraduate preparation analyzing written works, recognizing crucial elements of poetry, fiction and drama, and utilizing primary and secondary sources to effectively support a premise.

As an English major, you will:

  • Be exposed to the field of English through courses that are academically rigorous and content appropriate.
  • Learn the skills necessary to gather, interpret, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data.

 Career Options

  • Poet
  • Writer
  • Lawyer
  • Teacher
  • Journalist
  • Any career in which writing is important

English Major Prep

Degrees can be transfered to meet individual student interests with a range of literature courses including poetry, fiction, world literature, American literature, and British Literature. English professors select readings of historical, cultural or social interests.

Contact Information:

Laura Rotlisberger