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Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems

​Computer Information Systems (CIS) as a discipline focuses on practical applications of technology to support organizations. This area includes a range of subjects, including end-user Information Technology (IT) systems, IT systems analysis and design, software development, and analytics. Potential careers for CIS graduates include IT consultant, programmer/analyst, application developer, Quality Assurance Specialist, IT support specialist, IT project manager.

Lassen Community College offers a non-credit IT Support Professional Certificate and Computer Support Specialist (CSS) Certificate of Achievement under the CIS discipline.

IS curriculum includes:

  • Courses focusing on computer hardware, operating systems, common software utilities, fundamentals of networking and help desk concepts.  
  • Courses designed to give students foundational skills and knowledge in growing ICT pathways, including Cybersecurity and IT Project Management and Administration.
  • Courses with virtual “hands-on” experience that allows students to gain workforce ready skills and practice applicable real world scenarios

IT Support Professional Certificate

The IT Support Professional Certificate is a set of 5, 3-week courses, which focus on basic and fundamental skills for those looking to advance their IT knowledge and careers.  These courses prepare students for basic entry level help desk jobs.  At the completion of the courses students will receive a Google recognized, Credly issued digital badge that can be shared on their resumes. This is a non-credit certificate that can lead you into an entry level IT position or prepare you for further education in the CIS program. Basic computer literacy skills recommended.

Computer Informations Systems Associate of Science

The Computer Information Systems Associate of Science program prepares students for an entry-level job in information technology. Students develop fundamental computer skills, becoming proficient in computer troubleshooting and repair, networking, programming, security, databases, and cloud computing. This program is designed to be delivered as an all online program.

The degree is designed to train and educate students to in the basics of the every growing Computer Information Systems field, whether they enter the workforce directly or seek more education at a transfer institution. Students gain skills for information technology occupations such as network and system administrator, computer support specialist, information security analyst, computer network support specialist, and network and computer systems administrator.

Computer Support Professional Certificate of Achievement
The Computer Support Specialist program is designed to help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work in computer technical support positions and prepare for industry certification exams. Students will be able to provide technical support, troubleshooting, training and documentation to internal and external customers. The program also builds foundational knowledge of cybersecurity, computer networks and databases.  Continue your education from the IT Professional Certificate or start your education with the Computer Support Specialist Certificate.

Career Options:

  • Database administrator
  • IT specialist
  • Tech support specialist
  • Systems analyst
  • Network engineer
  • Help desk technician
  • IT support specialist
  • IT technician
  • Computer user specialist
  • IT assistant

Program Highlights:

  • Lassen Community College offers all if its CIS classes online. No physical classroom involvement is required.
  • In person office hours for face to face assistance in courses or meet virtually.
  • The CIS subject area currently offers The Computer Support Specialist Certificate of achievement, which can be completed in just two semesters.  CIS also offers the non-credit IT Support Certificate, a one semester set of classes to increase IT entry level job skills.
  • The CIS courses are designed for students looking to take a variety of next steps. Those wishing to go directly to the workforce will have knowledge and skills to complete several industry recognized certification exams, like CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security +.  The program focuses on top foundational skill for many entry-level type jobs.  
  • For those students wishing to further their education in IT, the Computer Support Specialist certificate starts with essential skills for further study in IT Project Management, Networking Administration and/or Cybersecurity.

CIS Course Offerings:

Course NoCourse Title​Units
​CIS 50
​IT Essentials​4.0
​CIS 60​Networking Essentials​3.0
​CIS 70

CIS 71
​Computer and Network Security Fundamentals

Introduction to Cybersecutiry:  Ethical Hacking

​CIS 80

CIS 81

CIS 82
​Introduction to Linux

Introduction to Python Programming

Cloud Computing


​CIS 90​The IT Professional
​CS 150​Technical Support Fundamentals​0.0
​CS 151​The Bits and Bytes of Computer​0.0
​CS 152​Operating Systems and You​0.0
​CS 153​System Administration and It​0.0
​CS 154
​It Security: Defense

Contact Information:

Melinda Duerksen
530-257-6181 Ext. 8912