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Child Development

Child Development

Child Development

The Associate in Science Degree in Early Childhood Education for Transfer is designed to provide the lower division major courses to transfer to a California State University and earn a Bachelor's degree in Child Development or Early Childhood Education.

Child Development is a vital component to our local, state and national system of care and education for young children and offers many exciting career opportunities. The program is designed to prepare students to qualify for a variety of permits issued by Teacher Credentialing, State of California. These permits include an associate teacher, teacher, master teacher, and site supervisor permit. Receiving an A.A. in Child Development also meets the requirement to teach in a National Head Start Program.

As a Child Development major you will:

  • Study effective principle and practices of child development, in order to provide quality care and education to children 0-5.
  • Develop a disposition for and strategies to communicate effectively with children, parents, peers and the community.
  • Identify the theoretical base for child development and the different curriculum structures to form your own philosophy of how to best meet the whole child needs of children.
  • Identify a wide range of career opportunities and gear your course of study to that career.

Program Highlights

  • Two specialty areas for a master teacher
  • Courses in early literacy
  • Courses in violence prevention
  • Variety of courses in creative arts
  • Correspondence courses in the core curriculum


  • Associate in Science in Early Childhood Education for Transfer
  • Associate in Arts Child Development

Career Options

  • Assistant Teacher
  • Associate Teacher
  • Teacher
  • Master Teacher
  • Site Supervisor
  • Parent Educator
  • Family Service Worker
  • Home Visitor
  • Classroom Aide

Contact Information:

Laura Greer