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Board of Trustees

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Governing Board Overview

​​The Board of Trustees governs Lassen Community College District and is composed of seven elected members representing five areas of the District. Additionally, there is one Student Trustee. The Superintendent/President serves as Secretary to the Board. 

The Board holds regular monthly meetings in a public forum held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month to begin at 5:30 PM. Meetings are held on the Lassen Community College campus in the board room, 478-200 Highway #139, Susanville, California. The second meeting is to be held only if necessary as determined by the Superintendent/President of the Board of Trustees.​​​

   Robin Hanson

Trustee Area​ #1

Exp. 2022​​​

 Sandra Jonas

Trustee Area #4

Exp. 2024


David Trussell

Trustee Area #1

Exp. 2024

 Buck Parks

Trustee Area #3

Exp. 2024


Sophia Wages

Trustee Area #1

Exp. 2022

 Kim Dieter

Trustee Area #5

Exp. 2024​​​

​Louis Hamilton

Trustee Area #2

Exp. 2022​​







Student Trustee