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Self Evaluation Development - Standard IV

​​Self Evaluation Development - Standard IV

Standard IV: Leadership and Governance  

The institution recognizes and utilizes the contributions of leadership throughout the organization for continuous improvement of the institution. Governance roles are designed to facilitate decisions that support student learning programs and services and improve institutional effectiveness, while acknowledging the designated responsibilities of the governing board and the chief administrator.  

Bold – chair, a- administration, b- board, c- classified, f – faculty, m/c- management/confidential, s- student


Cheryl Aschenbach (f)
Barnett, James (pt-f)
Bartley, Terry (m)
Baxter, Shelly (m)
Clain, Kimberly (c)
Deal Justin (c)
Hall, Marlon (a)
Horner, Phil (c)
Hubbard, Shawn (c)
Jackson, Diann  (c)
Johnston, Julie (c/m)
Martin, John (f)
Ngiratmab, Motare (c)
Nyman, Carrie (f)
Roberts, Dale  (c)
Sager, Bruce (Eddie) (c)
Shockley, Debbie (c)
Stevenson, Ross (f)
Williams, Jacob (f)
Glen Yonan (f)