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Self Evaluation Development - Standard III

Self Evaluation Development - Standard III

Standard III: Resources

The institution effectively uses its human, physical, technology, and financial resources to achieve its broad educational purposes, including stated student learning outcomes, and to improve institutional effectiveness. 

Bold – chair, a- administration, b- board, c- classified, f – faculty, m/c- management/confidential, s- student


Bengoa-Beterbide, Nancy (f)
Bird, Jennifer  (c)
Clancy, Patrick  (c)
Clausen, Dave (a)
Cook, Brenda (c)
Corley, David (m)
Freitas, Kel  (c)
Giampaoli, Michael (f)
Howe, Cindy (f)
Lang, Jeff (c)
Lewis, Chad (f)
Loeffler, Deborah (f)
Lounsbury, Nancy  (c)
Montgomery, Matt (c)
Morse, Marlane (m)
Murdock, Patsy (c)
Oberg, Fran  (c)
Pearce, Loretta (c)
Poulsen, Toni (f)
Ramsey, Vickie (c/m)
Ritola, Cathy (c)
Rulofson, Eric (m)
Schaffer, Dorinda (pt-f)
Stevenson, Denise (m)
Stuart, Stephney (c)
Tangelbad, Lou (c)
Taylor, Garrett (f)
Theobald, Elaine  (c)
Trussell, David (pt-m)