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Self Evaluation Development - Standard II

Self Evaluation Development - Standard II

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services

The institution offers high-quality instructional programs, student support services, and library and learning support services that facilitate and demonstrate the achievement of stated student learning outcomes. The institution provides an environment that supports learning, enhances student understanding and appreciation of diversity, and encourages personal and civic responsibility as well as intellectual, aesthetic, and personal development for all of its students. 

Bold – chair, a- administration, b- board, c- classified, f – faculty, m/c- management/confidential, s- student


Anderson, Dan (f)
Armeson, Dana (c)
Baker, Colleen (f)
Baker, Crystal (c)
Beckwith, Sandy (f)
Brosius, Ross (f)
Camacho, Carie (f)
Collier, Lori (pt-f)
Del Carlo, Heather (c)
Dimond, Marita  (pt-m)
Elam, Elizabeth (f)
Freitas, Jacob (c)
Frohrib, Cecelia (c)
Hoffman, Brenda (c)
Houston, Kristina (c)
Jonas, Sandra (c)
Konkol, Kory (f)
Kotaro, Rocky (c)
Levine, Matt (m)
McLarty, James (c) 
Merchant, Logan (c)
Mesloh, KC  (c)
Ng, Jackson (f)
Padgett, Robin (m)
Runyan, Adam (m) 
Somerville, Alison (f)
Theesfeld, Bobbie (m)
Vasquez, Beatriz (a)
Vento, Kam (f)
Walton, Patrick (a)
Wilson, Norm (c)
Wolf, Brian (f)
Zentner, Aeron (m)