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Self Evaluation Development - Standard I

Self Evaluation Development - Standard I

Standard I: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness

The institution demonstrates strong commitment to a mission that emphasizes achievement of student learning and to communicating the mission internally and externally. The institution uses analyses of quantitative and qualitative data and analysis in an ongoing and systematic cycle of evaluation, integrated planning, implementation, and re-evaluation to verify and improve the effectiveness by which the mission is accomplished.

Bold – chair, a- administration, b- board, c- classified, f – faculty, m/c- management/confidential, s- student


Baston, Barbara (f)
Beaujon, Francis (m)
Beckman, Joanna (pt-f)
Butcher, Janet (c)
Clancy, Karen (c)
Donohue, Wendy (c)
Eckley, Noelle (f)
Faircloth, Andrew (f)
Gardiner, Lisa (f)
Harrison, Cathy (c)
Holquinn, Brennan (c)
Larson, Leah (pt-F)
Madrid, Christina (c)
Montogmery, Carol (c)
Mortell, Codi (c)
Sue Mouck (f)
Nobles, Caryn (c)
Panfilio, Randy (pt-f)
Plasencia, Esparanza (c)
Robinson, Tammy (a)
Rogers, Tom (f)
Schofield, Robert (f)
Swanson, Richard (f)
Temmol, Brennan (c)
Ken Theobald (f) 
Wattenburg, Tami (c)
Williams, Julie (c) 
Zentner, Aeron (m)