Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee shares membership with Consultation Council.  The committee is responsible for making recommendations concerning the Strategic Plan, which is adopted by the Governing Board.  The Strategic Plan provides guidance to each of the other planning committees during the development of the individual area master plans.  The Strategic Planning Committee adopts the integrated Comprehensive Institutional Master Plan annually in May.  The committee also monitors progress on objectives and strategies derived from the master plans via quarterly review of the Annual Evaluation Matrix. 

Committee Members:

Terri Armstrong - Administration
Cheryl Aschenbach - Faculty
Colleen Baker - Faculty
Terry Bartley - Management
Carie Camacho - Faculty
Kim Clain - Classified
Dave Clausen - Administration
Greg Collins -  FMPC
David Corley - ITMPC
Marlon Hall - Administration
Jacob Hibbits - Student
Eric Imrie - Management
Kory Konkol - Faculty
Jeff Lang - Classified
Carol Montgomery - Classified
Karissa Morehouse - Administration
Brian Murphy - IEC/Administration
Vickie Ramsey - HRMPC
Alison Somerville - Faculty
Ross Stevenson - Faculty
Patrick Walton - Administration


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