Human Resource Planning Committee

The Human Resource Planning Committee is charged to:                         

  • Coordinate the professional development activities of the college
    • Ensure that the range of activities includes all constituent groups
    • Ensure that the activities include team-building, collaboration, and other projects that enhance collegiality among the groups
    • Ensure that activities include EEO training (in order to provide trained individuals to participate as EEO representatives on screening/selection committees).
  • Assist in the development of Staff and Faculty Development Plan
  • Periodically review and revise the staff development procedures and forms
  • Distribute staff development funds following established criteria
  • Plan, implement and evaluate the college’s flex day activities
  • Assist and support college-planning process through contributions to the Strategic Master Plan
  • Annually submit the Human Resource Plan to Consultation Council/Strategic Planning Committee in March
  • Assist in the preparation of necessary reports to be submitted to the state
  • Assist in the development of EEO Plan
  • Assists in the review of screening/selection procedures and forms

Faculty members and Chief Instructional Officer or designee will form the Flex Subcommittee

  • Assist the Office of Instruction in the development of flex forms and surveys
    • Survey faculty and staff to identify needs and interests for potential flex activities
  • Assist in the development of flex activities for the following academic year
  • Review and make recommendations to the Chief Instructional Officer or designee on flex contracts
  • Assist in the preparation of district and state reports as required

Committee Members:

Colleen Baker – Faculty
Sandy Beckwith – Faculty
Dave Clausen - Administration
Paige Broglio - Management
Brenda Hoffman - Classified
Sue Kelley - Classified
Lori Pearce - Confidential
Vickie Ramsey – Management 

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